Tei Baishiki | Chief Operating Officer

Tei is the Chief Operating Officer of Nexthome, Inc., managing the Realty World Northern California & Northern Nevada franchise network. He’s responsible for overseeing corporate operations and the creation and implementing of the new technologies that give Nexthome, Inc. and its businesses the edge they need to stay ahead of their competition.  He joined Realty World in 2008 as Chief Technology Officer to lead the establishment and oversight of an in-house team of software engineers, web designers and IT administrators. Tei directed strategic technology initiatives, infrastructure and application roadmaps for three years before being promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2011, where he took on all operating aspects of the company. In May 2014, he and his business partner finalized the funding of their newest venture, Nexthome, Inc., and purchased the Master License Agreement to Realty World Northern California & Northern Nevada, which has over 180+ office locations.

Prior to joining Realty World, Tei co-founded VREO, Inc. There, as Chief Technology Officer and eventually CEO, Tei headed a team of 12 engineers, designers and IT administrators and led the strategic planning of all operations including infrastructure and application development, and overall direction of strategic technology initiatives. He was responsible for the design of DeepGreen Financials fully-automated client generation and loan processing platform which handled over $800,000,000 in volume, and the launch of the original Realty World enterprise platform, which won the 2004 Inman Innovator Award for best real estate brokerage application.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Tei studied engineering before transitioning to business at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.