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Agents - OurOpportunityNew agents. Experienced agents. Small offices. Small teams. Large offices. Large teams. A wide variety of brokerage sizes, models and environments exist and thrive in the real estate business. The one consistent factor that makes a difference in the success of all agents in any office environment is what the broker and company have to offer. Can your broker provide you all of the systems, products, marketing, advertising, technology, services, support and guidance you need to take care of your clients, build a successful business and maintain a profit year over year?

Partnering with Realty World has allowed our brokers to give you everything you need while helping you keep more of your hard earned commissions. Let’s face it, you are out in the field everyday working on the front lines, helping clients dodge issues, meeting contractual deadlines, juggling a number of nuances in the transaction all while prospecting, marketing and building your business. You need a company whose systems work, are well integrated and support you seamlessly throughout your busy day. Imagine everything you need in one place, a broker who can help you implement new systems and guide you through tough transactions, and make more money at the same time.

Let’s Compare

The list of our advantages is long but let’s focus in on the cost comparison for many of our products and how much we can save you each year:

Products & Services Realty World Our Competition
National Listing Syndication checkmark $129 and up annually
Custom Online Listing Traffic Reports checkmark $100 annually
Zillow.com & Yahoo.com Featured Listings checkmark $234 and up annually
Trulia.com Featured Listings checkmark $468 annually
Homes.com Featured Listings checkmark $1,188 annually
Property & Personal Promotion Design Center checkmark $598 annually
Client Prospecting Campaign Center checkmark $299 and up annually
Email Marketing Center checkmark $600 and up annually
Listing & Buyer Presentation Builder checkmark $192 and up annually
Buyer & Seller Leads checkmark Up to a 40% referral fee per lead
Website With Design Options & Hosting checkmark $200 and up annually
Virtual Tours checkmark $599 annually
Ongoing Training & Education checkmark $1,800 and up annually
National Open House Syndication checkmark Most companies don’t offer this!
Sign Rider Text Message & QR Code System checkmark $400 annually
Personal Collateral Branding Center checkmark Most companies don’t offer this!
Personalized Client Recommendation Site checkmark Most companies don’t offer this!
Updater Client Moving Account Transfers checkmark $149 annually
Total Yearly Costs Included $13,700

*Competition yearly costs are based on average industry pricing for comparable products and services subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed. Competition buyer and seller lead costs are calculated using four closed transactions provided by the company with an average list price of $275,000 with a 2.5% commission per side and a 25% referral fee.