toothbrushTwo times per month (sometimes three) we schedule and conduct our staff meetings; each department makes their presentation on current projects and updates everyone on where we are and where we’re going. Sometimes the meeting is not too much different than what we all talk about in weekly emails, but it is still good to get to the table and get some belly-to-belly time in.

We have fancy grids and graphs that show a myriad of information from accounting reports to newsletter statistics to who just received the most recent lead from our online system. During this morning’s meeting I couldn’t help but hear some of the staff talk about how certain agents receive more leads than others based upon, not only listing inventory, but article inventory. Basically, blogging more is what they were saying.

Think of it like this… the more you blog or post an article to your webpage, the more search engines seem to like you. Your online information becomes “more relevant” to searches because of the frequency of date/time stamping in conjunction with the words you use in your article and information you post. Hence, the more you do this, the more search engines pick up on you and the propensity to attract more consumers is increased.

The concept can be likened to the use of one’s toothbrush. You’re not going to get the results of good oral hygiene without some elbow grease on the business end of your toothbrush. Likewise, blogs in this world need to be used daily and, sometimes two or three times per day, to achieve the desired whiteness, so to speak.

I’m pretty sure you know this by now. So my message to you today is just a friendly reminder.

Scott LeForce