In my travels each day there is an area of great wonder in my life. It generally happens out on a country road somewhere between I-5 in Stockton California and the City of Tracy. Once on this country road it takes me a little bit to pull back from my traveling at 70 mph down to 55 mph, that within it self brings up another area of wonder, although not as much as the two yellow lines in the middle of the road.

My question is “What Stops Me” from crossing over these two yellow lines when I come upon a slower traveler? I marvel at myself, that I will not cross over the double lines! Here I am out in the middle of basically nowhere, and I let these two yellow lines control me. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am very tempted at times to cross over the lines and get on my way at a higher speed. Believe me there are many that cross over to get on with their lives, many not evening slowing to question whether they should or not even on blind curves.

It is the fear of being caught for breaking the law or is it respect of the laws that govern our lives?

I believe there are many ‘laws’ in life that need to be respected. Many of these laws are not written laws that you will be punished for if you break them, but laws that can and will make life and living a lot easier and less frustrating.

Goals, respect for others, business plans, being true to your word, are just a few of the hundreds of unwritten laws in life that should be followed. In many lives, these are not ‘double yellow’ lines, however are very much a part of a persons life or business that when implemented, makes life more organized and less stressful.

Once again, ‘What Stops You’ or me, from crossing over the double yellow lines? That small bit of conscience that stops you, should be very much a part of your life in setting goals, working from a business plan or family plan, respecting others, and in being true to your word and deeds.