Everything changes in life… it’s called “evolution.” As we grow and evolve, everything continues on this path of change: our appearance, our social skills and behaviors, our environment, our beliefs and opinions about things, our dress size or weight, our sense of humor (or lack, thereof)… the list goes on and on. We can accept change or rebel against it.

The Good

Change is constant… sometimes we don’t even notice change until it’s already happened! Some people seek change and welcome its challenges. Change promotes growth, and growth should be intentional in our lives. Growth encourages ambition and a yearning for better things; growth also inspires self-improvement.

And think about it — by nature, when we think of self-improvement, we consider changes to be that which we make better to enhance our personal lives. Not true. Positive changes consist of those negative habits that we strive to turn into good ones, regardless if they pertain to our personal or professional lives.

The Bad

I read a quote somewhere that read: “Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine!” It made me laugh, but it’s true! When you put that dollar in for a seventy-five cent item, you may not get that quarter back that you are owed. Change involves risk — stepping from the known into the unknown, and sometimes this is extremely difficult for people to do. Most people tend to resist change even though we know it is good for us.

The Ugly

Unfortunately, the most difficult part about “change” is one’s acceptance of it and adaptation to it. The hardest part of change is making sense of what difference has occurred, then moving forward to figure out how to adjust your paradigm and behavior in order to deal with it. Your level of adapting to change will increase leaps and bounds if you don’t perceive change to be this huge challenge.