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Jan 13 2012

Offline Gmail (and Google Apps)

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Google has updated it’s “Offline Gmail” app for Google Chrome browser users to add keyboard shortcuts as well as the option to set how far back email is saved locally.

Now when I’m in the field without email, or on an airplane, I can access my existing email, reply to messages, or create new email. After regaining Internet connectivity, Offline Gmail will send and sync up.

The newest upgrade enables keyboard shortcuts. I have gone over the Gmail (and Google Apps) keyboard shortcuts in my Tech Talk training and EVERYONE who absolutely loves the efficiency that it provides. Now, it’s available to the Offline Gmail. A very nice upgrade!

Nov 16 2011

Gmail for iOS

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For all of you Gmail and Google Apps users with iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) Google has released their iOS app. Click here to download. Technically, Google released the app 2 weeks ago but immediately pulled it out of the App Store due to bugs.

I have played with the app tonight and although it’s stable, it’s not super useful (yet). I think the interface is better than the web app and the search in your email is fantastic.

However, it isn’t perfect. First off, it doesn’t support multiple accounts. This may not affect everyone but for those who have more than one Gmail or Google Apps email, this is a pretty big deal. Also the app doesn’t support banner notifications. Another pretty big deal for those who now rely on banner notifications to get a quick snapshot of what you need to know.

So far I’m going to keep it. Although I’m not so sure I’m ready to give up native iOS Mail app just yet.

Sep 02 2011

Google Mail, Calendar, and Docs Offline

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Finally, a web app is available (and reliably) to access all of your information on the go without Internet access.

Google has launched “Offline Google Mail” and “Google Calendar” through the Chrome Web Store for offline use. Google Docs should be rolling out in the very near future.

After you install the Offline Google Mail app from the Chrome Web Store you can launch your Google Mail (Gmail and Google Apps) and view and reply to all of your email. After you regain Internet connection all of your mail will be sent and archived, accordingly. The interface is not the same as the standard Gmail or Google Apps interface and resembles more of a tablet or mobile interface.

“Google Calendar” works seamlessly to the online version and the user interface is identical whether you are online or offline, with the exception of a warning that you are working offline.

There is only one thing that you should know. When you enable offline access to mail, the mail is stored locally on your computer so you should not install Offline Google Mail on a public or shared computer.

So far the “Offline Google Mail” has worked great and I am VERY excited for this new feature!